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Psychiatric Testing

Psychiatric Testing

We offer a variety of computer based psychiatric testing in our office to ensure the best standard of care when diagnosing our patients. Conner’s Computer Performance testing (CPT3) is used to aide in the diagnoses of patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The test can be given starting at the age of 4 and older. The test is used to assess the patients’ attention related problems based on performance in four areas: attentiveness, impulsivity, sustained attention, and vigilance. If you are struggling with lack of focus, this test may be right for you.

Personality assessment inventory (PAI testing) is used to aid in clinical diagnoses of a broad range of mental disorders including: depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenic disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, and substance abuse disorders. If you believe you are suffering with one of these disorders, this test may be right for you.

CNS testing is a neurocognitive test which can be used to efficiently and objectively assess a broad spectrum of brain function performance. This testing can be used to aide in the diagnoses of neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders, and establish a neurocognitive baseline for patients to guide us in later treatment decisions. If you are struggling with memory decline, this test may be right for you.

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